And now the holidays: 5 things 23.4.19

  • Had to work from home three days last week with two sick kids – this closely following having to take a couple of sick days myself, and having to work from home this coming week because school holidays and chronic lack of childcare. (Taking leave not an option, because non-movable project.) I am painfully aware of looking like a slacker, while at the same time feeling doubly burdened by having to try to do two difficult jobs (parenting/nursing + actual job) at the exact same time. I have absolutely no idea what my boss thinks of me right now. I know that he has been very impressed with me at times but now? No. Idea. And I guess it doesn’t really matter since I’m on my way out anyway (just three weeks left there) but it also does, because reference. And just because.
  • So this week made me extra aware that (a) I never should have agreed to up my hours to 80%, and (b) working this much and trying to do the mom stuff is really fucking hard. I haven’t been able to do either job properly – I mean seriously: it was only this morning that it occurred to me we actually have various kids’ cold and flu remedies in our very overstocked bathroom cupboard, I should have been bloody dosing them up instead of just trying to get them to stay in bed and rest it out. I was just too strung out to think clearly. So yay for imminent unemployment, I guess.
  • Did a big spring clean over the weekend, not so much because spring but because things had gotten properly disgusting. (Again: weeks of sickness and work and so on and so on.) Which of course did a bit to lift my spirits, because cleaning is good that way, while also reminding me that, again, it will be really nice to have time to run my life in a civilized way and not let everything get so out of control. But plus I burned some oils (juniperberry, lavender, grapefruit) in my newly clean space, and that reminded me of how very nice it is to smell nice smells. Must use that burner more often.
  • All in all, Easter weekend was properly lovely. Egg hunt, brunch and long lazy day in the grandparents’ garden on Saturday. Cleaning on Friday and Sunday – so one can actually see the surfaces in the kids’ room, which is nothing short of a miracle. Visit to the dinosaur museum yesterday. I consider that a really good use of a four-day weekend.
  • But now I’m feeling sick again/still (it never really went away but varies in intensity, all of April has been rubbish) and seriously, wtf, body?! Kids are also still snuffly. What are we doing wrong? (Other than everything, probably, don’t @ me.)

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