Knitting weather: 5 things 6.5.19

  • Last week of employment and I have to admit, I’ve been very much enjoying planning my days for the next few weeks. I have (of course) a whole lot of urgent stuff to do, but I plan to treat wallowing as equally urgent for at least a day or so.
  • Have applied for another job that sounds really great, but I probably don’t have much chance. This is very familiar territory and in general I don’t get too hung up on it but still, my mind does go rapidly into visualising the awesomeness of my new life once I’m doing this thing, and I reeeeeally want it, which is pretty irritating. But wouldn’t it be nice. But shh now brain.
  • It should be a lovely time of year to enjoy a few weeks off, but the 14-day forecast is just heavy rain, every single day. Wtf, spring?!
  • I guess that does at least give me more reason to stay inside and knit, knit like the wind. I have a pretty full design load suddenly – you know how I said in January I was proud of myself for lining up just a few things, no stress? Yeah well I’ve stupidly gone and made Plans, such that my standard Trello board isn’t enough any more, I had to make a big long-range-forecast Excel sheet with colour-coding and everything. But still no stress, really; I am taking care to avoid outside commitments, so the pressure is only coming from my own desire to do things to a certain schedule. And all the deadlines can totally be moved. But I *think* my goals are achievable, and I really want to make it work.  *glares in direction of Excel*
  • Took the kids to what I thought was going to be a ballet for kids, but turned out to be (1) a short musical storytelling followed by (2) a lengthy ballet by kids. Ballet school end-of-year performance, type of thing. It was pretty good as these things go but… not what I expected, bearing in mind this was advertised through the opera house newsletter. I think this is yet another thing to file under “stuff that happens when you speak the language but not quite well enough to read between the lines”.  In other words: six years on and I’m STILL a confused Ausländerin…

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