That’s quite enough of THAT: 5 things 13.5.19

  • Thursday was my last working day in the Wrong Job. I literally woke up on Friday with a smile on my face. For all the stress and insecurity and gaslighting of the place, my boss’s last words were “don’t ever change”, so I feel confident in saying it’s not me, it’s them, and there’s no reason I can’t find a job I’m actually right for. Maybe.
  • I have been uncomfortably aware of how for the past… long while… these weekly updates haven’t been five moments from my week so much as five moans. Which, well, yuck. I will always defend the value of a personal blog as a place for unlimited navel-gazing (and really, what is a navel for if not to contemplate), but enough now. It may take me some time to get things back to a civilized sort of style, but I am eager to try. I fondly expect my new life of leisure to allow me all the opportunity (to do interesting things and to report on them) that I could hope for.*
  • Life as a kept woman starts with a spa day today, at husband’s absolute insistence. I mean that quite literally. I’m not really a spa person but Armin is, and is convinced that a few hours of wallowing in scented steam and being gently pummeled could be just what I need to get over the general physical shitness I’ve been experiencing. Well, who am I to argue. I’m even looking forward to it.
  • I’m also very much looking forward to a day at Mangwanani (where six treatments, meals, bubbly etc will all cost significantly less than just my 90-min massage tomorrow, about which I have complicated feelings) because we have finally booked flights to South Africa! We’re about a year overdue for a visit home, and the middle of Cape winter (July) wouldn’t be my first choice, but childcare gets complicated so we’ll make it work. I’m just excited to have actually made a decision at last.
  • Less excitingly, I have bricked my phone, possibly not entirely not because of merging too many dragons. (I mean it shouldn’t have been overheating anyway, right, but still, and yes I am ashamed of myself.) I was just getting excited about acquiring a schmancy new Pixel when I realised it’s still under guarantee. Um, yay? For the fiscally and environmentally responsible option. Anyway, nice to know my next phone will have a great camera. One day.

  • Ok that’s a flat out lie. My to-do list is as long as my arm and even with lots of lovely child-free hours at home every week, it is going to take me Some Time to wrangle it. And plus I firmly intend to take it gently for the first week, which… may not help. But is essential.

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