Summertiiiiime and the living is so-so: 5 things 3.6.19

  • The weather has finally caught up with the calendar. We have actual sunshine that MEANS IT. You can’t believe how excited the kids are to be wearing shorts at last. Me, I’m half loving the feeling of air on my skin, and half sighing at doing the pedicure + leg depilation dance for the next few months. Not to mention suncream and hats every day (me plus the kids).
  • Whether through sunstroke or regular flavour delusion, we had a Moment and bought masses of stuff for the balcony. Again. See: Hope, eternal springing of. I like the idea of a herb garden so much more than the actual gardening but right now, in this moment, it’s all quite lovely.
  • Less lovely: my phone is still broken and my computer has developed a peculiar aversion to the wifi connection, which is… tiresome. Especially as it usually kicks in exactly when I sit down to try and get shit done. I’m struggling with motivation and productivity as it is, I really don’t need the headwinds. (And damn I miss my phone.) This “struggling with productivity” bit also makes me really really quick to snap into intense frustration. Tried to deposit the kids’ piggybank savings on Saturday; the machine didn’t like their cards. Who knows why? So that’s a weekday trip to the bank in my future, and I’m sure it won’t be a big deal to sort out, but it pissed me off quite disproportionately. Now thinking about fork theory (like spoon theory, not an actual theory, just a convenient shorthand) and wondering why my fork limit is suddenly so low. Is it The Menopause? Existential angst surrounding my career? Just an extended bad mood?
  • Ah well never mind. A good thing from my week: C and a friend made muffins, entirely improvised (“Experiment!”) and unsupervised. They were edible! Really dense… but edible. I feel weirdly validated as a parent by the fact that she has the confidence and desire to play around in the kitchen, and that she has paid enough attention during previous baking sessions to have a basic idea of how it all works. Now of course they’re developing grand plans to run a sidewalk cake stand. I have feelings about this, but ok, whatever.
  • Another good thing: brunch on a boat! My oldest (well, longest time) friend was in Zurich for the weekend and we spent Sunday morning floating around the lake, shovelling Zopf and Gipfeli into our mouths as is the way of my adopted people. Not a bad way to start the summer. Also, discovery: the walk from Bellevue to Zurichhorn is really a lot shorter than it is with small people. Like… a lot. (I used to think it was a quick little amble. Then suddenly it became an entire day out. Turns out I was right the first time. Weird.)

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