New and improved but also not: 5 things 10.6.19

  • It came up in conversation today that I’ve apparently been A Bit Miserable (stressed, grumpy, not my default delightful self) over the past… um, decade? Which, well, huh. I mean YES babies shit all over my sense of self and equilibrium, no surprise there, and I certainly spent a lot of time telling everyone just how shit it all was, but then again, was I really such a grumpy cow? All that time? And then, was I really so much more cheerful when I got back to work? Because as exciting as it was (WHEEEEEE!!1!) there was also a whole lot of stress, on many levels. Anyway. Now I’m back to being stressed about not working and apparently I’m Grumpy Robynn again, which doth suck indeed.
  • But let’s consider the good stuff: I got a new phone! And it’s the best kind of new phone, viz, just like the old one but BETTER. I am such a fan of the way Android kindly sets up my shortcuts etc exactly how they were before – even my alarms are just quietly imported from my previous settings. So hassle free. And such pretty, pretty pictures it will take, oh yes indeedy.
  • Also, lovely long weekend was had. Well, pretty rainy (not so great for poor C, who was off on scouts camp) but still good. I had a proper night out on Saturday, complete with crashing on a friend’s couch because home was just toooo far, so well done me for not acting my age. Then I didn’t flake out on celebrating another friend’s baby’s first birthday on Sunday, despite hangover, so well done me for not acting my grumpy introvert self. I am left with a loooong list of neglected Things To Do but hey, what is unemployment for anyway?
  • I kind of thought it was for knitting and running and maybe sewing, but I haven’t gotten very far with any of those things. Going to change all that aaaaany moment now. Yes indeedy. Going to be SUPER productive, and also healthy, from now on. Because habits always form, which is the most obvious but also depressing thing I’ve read recently.
  • Got the new school timetables (and class allocation) at last and found that yes, M will be together with his two besties, yay! But boo, not in the same group (meaning, they will not have the same afternoons free). It’s not a big deal, but unfortunately, everyone in his group he does know, he doesn’t actually like. Let’s hope he likes the ones he has yet to meet!

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