On and off: 5 things 17.6.19

  • Pooter continues to give me grief, connecting to t’internet or not entirely at will, and not remotely according to my convenience. Makes it amazingly hard to get anything done, and is a very hard problem to diagnose and fix because of the randomness. Tweak something: hurrah, it’s fixed! Um, no, it just happens to be working right now, but will stop again… any time it feels like. AARGHHHH. I’m honestly not sure whether this is better or worse than having the connection fail completely. At least then you could Take Steps to sort it out, and know when it was really done. But this way at least I do get to work sometimes? Arrghhh.
  • Am amused at how neatly the pooter problems have overlapped with my own mental block about work etc. Basically, I entered unemployment, needed to find my freelance groove, totally couldn’t, and pooter aligned itself perfectly with my own mood. Not helpful, pooter. Appreciate the sympathy and all but… no. Anyway, I’m now on the upswing, mebbe you could join me there? Hmmmm?
  • Failed as a feminist by not participating in the Frauenstreik on Friday. At all. Partly because I have slightly mixed feelings about the event (am a fan in theory of course but find it a bit too vague, too limited, too white), partly because I had kids to ferry about all day (I know, I know, ditching them would have been entirely in the spirit of the strike but… no), partly because I’m just a total wuss and was Not Up for Crowds. Totally inadequate feministing. Am ashamed.
  • Also failing at running, or rather, at making time to actually do it. Planning to run a half-marathon in September (haven’t actually signed up yet, can still wuss out and stick with the 10km) so I need to get a wiggle on, but ugh. See point two above. Am blobbing.
  • Good things: balcony plants not dead yet; new phone is awesome; current knitting design is working out pretty well, although I’m totally behind. Resenting freelance work for getting in the way of knitting. But I’ll get there. (Gulp). Yeah totally, I’ll get there… knit like the wind, Robynn! Like the wind!

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