Lifelong learning: 5 things 24.6.19

  • Went away for the weekend, extending a wedding invitation into an excuse for a mini-break. (Wedding was, btw, completely gorgeous and gave me all the warm fuzzies.) Lessons learned: (1) kids are now old enough that going away actually does feel like a break, and we’re planning on doing this more often. (2) Turns out I can still do the macarena. Not saying that’s a good thing, but it’s good to know. (3) M still displays a notable talent for rock god posing – said talent first observed when he was 2 and doing his rock god act with the bellows. 00000img_00000_burst20190622204638177_coverimg_20190622_205103
  • I’m up against a knitting deadline and kicking myself for having been a bit too casual in the early stages of this project. Should have been completely easy to get it done in good time, and yet. Weird how I’m just not good at discipline, except when I am. I can be super focused and stick to my plans and all, I absolutely can, but when there’s something, anything, interfering with my motivation… I am not so good with just doing a basic amount consistently. Would be nice to fix that.
  • Related: I need to enact a strict WhatsApp and Twitter ban on Monday mornings. Mondays are a struggle. It takes me time to get my head around my to-do list, and although in theory I have a lot of work time, past midday there are frequent interruptions. Still trying to figure out how to use my time effectively (meaning: getting shit done but also allowing myself to relax a bit, because really), but I think it has to start with enforced focus at the start of the week. Why is that so hard?
  • I bought shorts. For me. For the first time in about 30 years. Because by the time I was 13, I had internalised the idea that the world needed to be protected from the sight of my flabby white knees, and it took my kids asking why I never wear shorts to realise how crazy that is. So what if they’re not the most flattering thing? I am not an object for consumption. I am an actual person who deserves to be comfortable in the heat. What a completely bizarre thought that is. (See also: comfortable bras. Why did it take me this long to think that maybe underwires are optional? I really recommend those btw, they may not be sexy but they are supportive and give a good shape under clothing.)
  • I have been very much enjoying cooking lunch for myself only twice a week. (We’ve gone fully Swiss, the cooked meal is lunch, not dinner!) Used to be an excuse to be lazy, not having kids to cook for, but now it’s more an excuse to cook All The Veggies. I found I really enjoyed the canteen lunches while I was working, because they had a great hot buffet (and a great salad bar for that matter), so I could load up a plate with the kind of roast veg that my kids won’t touch – aubergine, zucchini etc. Now I’m trying to replicate that at home. Of course I can’t do the full variety, but still, sticking an aubergine and some cherry tomatoes in the oven, then devouring them with a smear of goat’s cheese, is a pretty fantastic meal. …Okay so I’m still a very lazy cook. But lazy with vitamins!

2 thoughts on “Lifelong learning: 5 things 24.6.19

  1. I am intrigued by your Monday comments. A focussed beginining of the week would be good for me too. But my biggest distractor from actual work is email and I kinda have to reply to that on Monday mornings. Hmm.

    Also, that bra site? Looks amazing!

    1. I knoooow. I read so much productivity advice around “start your day/week with Focused Work, get to the email later” but it seems like that’s not an option for a lot of workers. Unless… maybe it IS and you just have to set expectations?? Is it really so bad to get back to someone a couple of hours later? Idk idk. Email is a minefield.

      The bras are awesome, though. Such a pleasure to wear.

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