This thing could still turn itself around: 5 things 8.7.19

  • No actual good news this week but two slightly encouraging things. One, I’m still in the running for a particular job, they’re just being super slow. This almost isn’t good news because (a) my chances are small but (b) it seems SO perfect, it makes all other options look even shitter in comparison. So it would be quite nice to just know it’s Not An Option, have a sulk and move on. But oh well. I took the chance to write a nice begging email about how much I really want the job, we’ll see.
  • We looked at a house that seemed really exciting. It’s… not that exciting. But having done a bit of work in pulling together the numbers (again), I feel quite reassured that we CAN buy a house, probably only next year and only if I do get a job, but we can. And having been watching the market super closely for a while now, I am still convinced that the right opportunity will come up. I just hope it doesn’t come up at exactly the wrong moment. Timing doesn’t seem to be my strong suit these days.
  • I am making an effort to Pull Myself Together and Get Shit Done (in a gentle way) and I think it is reasonably likely that I won’t spend the rest of the entire year wallowing in blobhood. Probably. I am also abandoning certain plans I had, on grounds of not enough energy, and that’s fine.
  • Took the kids to see the fireflies last week. There is really just one place you can see them in northern Switzerland, and that’s in a forest cemetery in Schaffhausen (right on the border of Germany). It’s an absolutely magical place even without the light show, but with it – amazing. Only problem of course is that it gets dark so late, and it’s so far (about 45 minutes without traffic), so this wasn’t really an ideal thing to do on a school night… but hey, it’s totally educational, right?
  • Very, very much looking forward to impending holidays. One week at home (but no school, no routine, and as far as freelance clients are concerned I’m basically unavailable); three weeks in SA. Which will probably be a bit exhausting in the way that trips back home always are, especially with kids and especially with a lot of here and there on that end (we’re dividing our time between Joburg, Cape Town and two places in KwaZulu), but still: getting away from everyday will be Quite Nice. Also, spa.

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