Shit’s getting real: 5 things 2.9.19

  • We have a large pile of boxes (with more to come), a carefully assembled pile o’cash for the deposit, and an appointment with the notary to sign the actual deal. I feel it’s safe to say that we definitely are moving very soon. Eep. I find I’m going to miss this flat quite a lot! Excited about the new house of course, but the way the light floods in here in winter and makes the parquet glow… gonna really miss that. And the spectacular thunderstorm views. Garden not a patch on balcony, view wise.
  • But still no Nachmieter. Very stressy. Also still no job, and no unemployment cash yet. (It’s being held up by a frustrating and pointless paperwork chain. Back pay should happen though.) Finances during and after this move are going to be interestingly tight. All fine as long as a tenant shows up, but tight. If no tenant… *sob*
  • My odd state of mind (don’t want job, don’t want projects, don’t want to do anything at all really) does make me question certain basic ideas I hold about myself. All this time alone at home is in theory exactly what I like and yet it’s not doing me much good, is it. I just want to take a lot of naps.
  • I’m in the running for a fairly intense short-term contract that would deliver some valuable cash, and useful experience, but the timing really isn’t great. Lots of work on top of house move and, oh yes, training for a 10km run in three weeks. (It annoys me that I even have to “train”. 10km should be a doddle, but I’ve let myself get totally out of the groove, and a doddle it is not.)
  • My mind is full of art and craft projects, none of them knitting (or only very tangentially). I don’t necessarily want to DO any of these things, only to have done them. Preferably before we move. I wonder whether my inertia or my get-shit-out-of-the-way reflex will prove victorious.

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