Finally some good news: 5 things 23.9.19

  • We have a Nachmieter! Meaning: we know when we’re moving out (exactly when we wanted to), we don’t have to pay an extra half-year’s rent (YAY and yes Switzerland is bizarre), and most importantly, I can stop answering my phone to total strangers. Such relief.
  • House is now officially legally ours, we have the keys and EVERYTHING. In fact we’ve moved the first dozen or so boxes over already (ouch, so heavy, so many stairs). It’s very exciting and a little overwhelming. I could wish I were doing this at a time when I felt less crap generally (house moving requires a lot of energy that just isn’t there) but hey, move will happen one way or another, and yay house! Does this mean we’re finally grown-ups?
  • Celebrated with dinner and Max Raabe – complete coincidence that we had concert tickets for the same night, but a very nice one. I’ve seen him perform once before (and interviewed him!), Armin hadn’t and wasn’t sure he wanted to. Now he wants to go every time they come to Zurich, so I win. (That would be every year, and no we won’t, but I’m so glad he enjoyed it that much.)
  • Then I went and ran a 10k race. (I’m the tubby tortoise in the grey hat and sunglasses.) Huzzah! That’s my fourth one ever but the first in Switzerland (and in over 10 years), and very nice it was too. I feel like it should have been easier than it was (because I’ve run 10k pretty regularly just as my weekend workout) but then again since March I’ve been running really very lazily (short runs, not often enough), so basically yay, at least I did that. Now I suspect I may struggle to keep up motivation to go running at all, without a race in the offing (and with a move for distraction). I genuinely love running, and yet I struggle to push myself out the door. Silly me.
  • Finally, I have an interview on Tuesday – following on a very encouraging phone interview. The job doesn’t sound exciting, but very doable. And honestly, I’m really quite happy to stay in my comfort zone right now. It would be nice to feel like I had something to brag about, but I’m not up for the stress of a challenge. So let’s hope this works out.

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