Grossness both inside and outside my head: 5 things 7.10.19

  • Did not blog last week. Largely because my internal dialogue has been a mashup of of popular hit “everything is spiders” and the catchy “what is the point of me”, so it wasn’t really anything I wanted to dwell on. Nothing objectively bad to report, just mental badness. All will be well, and all will be well, but all manner of things are a bit fucked up inside my head just at the minute.
  • However! A weekend spent hard at work painting our NOO HAUS has done wonders. Just buying the house didn’t help much. But putting our chosen colours on the walls – making it OURS – that has been bracing. Also exhausting. But great.
  • The kids are off on a very well-timed week-long scouts camp (Max’s first, he’s only done the one night before now). Normally of course one would hope for a week-long romance fest, parents rediscovering each other and going on dates and all that. But noooo it’s all painting and packing and hopefully a bit of furniture shopping. We are BUSY this week. (Armin has the whole week off, thankfully.) Would be nice to squeeze in at least one or two date nights, though. And in the meantime, it’s pretty great just to get to sleep in, and to arrange our days without having to factor in kid needs.
  • Last round job interview today. Fingers crossed and that. It’s not a dream job but it would be very nice to have.
  • Scalp psoriasis is a complete bastard, and I would very much like to be excluded from this scaly narrative that I never asked to be part of. That is all.

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