Quiet chaos: 5 things 11.11.19

  • House now officially about as good as it’s going to get until next year, since Armin has entered the end-of-year crush period and will be working 6 or 7 days most weeks till Christmas. (At which point he gets a few days to catch his breath, then starts on another big project.) So, no real lighting solution, but we can cope. No entrance hall solution, but we can cope. No pictures on the walls, but we can take our time to decide exactly what goes where. I will mostly be working on sorting out the still messy study and trying to convince A that yes, we really have lost the keyboard and Apple TV remote, and no, that doesn’t make any sense but we really should order new ones rather than struggle on without.
  • Just had one of those weekends that can form the busiest part of a week in family life. Spent most of it ferrying the kids around to separate but simultaneous activities, leaving me maybe an hour in between to sit down and wonder what the hell I should do with that time. (Not vacuum, it turns out.) The weekly routine is also heavily front loaded, with plenty going on from Monday to Wednesday, calming down a little on Thursday and finally chill on Friday – just in time for the weekend panic. I mean it’s fine and all. It’s just a bit… much.  A bit much.
  • Also this week, two medical appointments (one of the more woo-woo variety because why not) in which I try to finally address the various ways in which I’m falling apart. Confidently hoping to come back with a diagnosis of plague and never have anyone expect anything of me ever again. Slightly wondering whether I should address the falling apart inside my head as well but that gets really tricky auf Deutsch. Eh, I’m fine really. (No, Dad, I am really, I promise.)
  • Anyway SO CATS ARE HAPPENING. We picked them out yesterday but aren’t allowed to collect until this afternoon (cooling off period being a reasonable thing). I feel this is a seriously excellent move in the direction of mental health. Kids agree.
  • Also very positive mental health move: good wine and good company. Good company by itself can help, good wine by itself less so, but the combination is A++. So nice to have friends who check in on short notice, and the time and space to entertain them. So nice.

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