Goodbye and good riddance: 5 things 30.12.19

  • A ritual PTOOIEE! to 2019 as it slinks out the back door. A shake of the fist. Yeah, we have no reason to believe 2020 will be any better, but even so: this year was a particularly unwelcome interlude on many fronts (global, personal) and I’m glad to see the back of it. 2020, I’m watching you. Come in, wipe your feet, and show me your Schokoladenseite.
  • Not saying there was no good in the past 12 months, obvs. House! CATS! Stunning and wonderful. Kittehs are settling in beautifully and making us wonder how we could ever get along without them. It’s deep-down satisfying and encouraging to be starting a new year in our very own home; being here kind of leaves things wide open, in a good way. We’ve achieved the two big goals we were pursuing for so long: came to Switzerland. Found our long-term home. What’s next?  img-20191229-wa0003
  • I guess the next thing is sorting out my “career” or whatever might pass for such. You’ll note I’m not exactly brimming with ambitious energy. It’s been such an absolutely crushing question, at this point I really don’t want to think about it much at all. I’m applying for jobs but doing my best not to really think about those applications. Rather just focus on my daily life, put one foot in front of the other, and enjoy all the very enjoyable things about house and kittehs. One of these days I might even dare to use that “sewing room”.
  • I have exactly two resolutions for 2020. Get outside every day. End the day with a clear desk. Two small, manageable things that will go a long way to keeping me feeling good.
  • I’m also weirdly excited about playing with my new tarot deck – my third. Yes, I read tarot and I read my horoscope and I am well aware of how ridiculous that all is but I love it. It appeals to the part of me that loves myth and storytelling as well as the part that wants to be a witch. Look, I have a black cat now, I’m leaning into it. Keep your eye rolling to yourself.

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