Boring but fine: 5 things 27.1.20

  • C told me excitedly that volunteers were being recruited for her upcoming dance show, “And they are specifically asking for Backfreudige! So of course you will make something! You are the best at baking!” Gotta say I’m completely chuffed that she is so proud of my efforts. And yeah I am always glad to be able to contribute in a way that requires so little effort. Might repeat that Nigella chocolate cake, mmmm.
  • Further thoughts on that “wot no big house” musing: I’ll never have a big kitchen. I’m really very happy with the current kitchen, it’s extremely well organised and I don’t actually need a huge oven, but… damn. We’ll never be situated to easily host an extended family feast. That’s… okay. It’s okay. But yeah, it would have been nice.
  • Interviewed this morning for a job that doesn’t sound completely terrible, which is basically as much as I’m hoping for at this point. It’s in banking (ugh) and doesn’t even pay well, but the location is lovely, the hours work, and it shouldn’t be stressful. Fingers crossed then? IMG_20200127_101652
  • Scalp is still full of shit, but mostly manageable, so of course I have a new annoying body thing. There’s a little wart working its way up on my finger, and what’s particularly annoying is that this wart was my constant companion for about a decade of childhood. I never quite got used to the fact that it disappeared. Having it come back now feels like being faced with an unpleasant truth about myself that I had successfully suppressed for 25 years, but oh look… still there. *sigh*
  • Had an actual date night on Saturday. Delivered the kids to grandparents for a sleepover, went for dinner and a movie like the boring old people we are. It was lovely though. Despite the lingering feeling that we should have done more, really, with that whole night off, and especially because we were celebrating 23 years together. But damn we are both so stinking tired right now. Can we blame January for that? Let’s.

Nos 6-7 of #52recipes: huevos rotos and leeks with peas and feta, both from Diana Henry’s Simple. The leeks are the first thing I’ve cooked from that book that hasn’t been almost too simple, but also, the first thing that won’t go in regular rotation. Not bad, just not as good as my preferred way to cook leeks (braised in cream and wine, so clearly an unfair comparison really). 

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