It’s there if you look: 5 goodish things 3.2.2020

  • I started writing something about palindrome day (02.02.2020, i.e. yesterday) being the only cool thing to come out of this shitty year so far, but you know what, I’m not actually going to let myself be that negative. It WAS a really shitty week, we’re all gutted about Brexit, the world does look pretty bleak on many fronts. But come on. We live in the micro, not the macro, and in all of our lives there is at least a little good stuff, so let’s not wallow. Talking to myself, here, obviously.
  • I had a terrible flu over the weekend, which is obviously not great, but the cats were extremely solicitous, which was. They’re new enough, and shy enough, that getting kitty cuddles is still something we all exclaim to each other about. Thank you, sweet kitty nurses!
  • I had an interview for a job I don’t really want but could live with. All interviews are good, obviously. All signs that I’m not completely unemployable.
  • I haven’t heard back, which is also nice since it means even if I get the job (which, again, I don’t actually want), I don’t have to start it this week, which was originally on the table. And maybe it means I don’t have it! Yay!
  • In which case I do have to start a career strategy course, this week, at unemployment office behest. Again, not something I’m at all looking forward to, but it’s pretty specific (for managers and specialists looking for English-language positions) and might even be useful. Just need to get over my ridiculous expectation of being judged and bullied. Dear lord but I am ridiculous.

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