I do not suck: 5 things 25.2.20

  • Feeling exceptionally smug for having cunningly managed to have scientist friends who are inspiring the kids to want to be scientists. Good parenting, me, very foresightful.
  • Have done well in a couple of test assignments that may or may not lead to JOB(TM) but are certainly leading to interviews, go me.
  • Am cooking deliciously! No new recipes this week but still deliciousness, go me.
  • Current design in progress is progressing beautifully, entirely without the traditional “omg this is awful what was I thinking” crisis. Possibly that means it will all go horribly wrong at the very last hurdle? But I can’t see how, and indeed, can’t see an actual hurdle.
  • Have one of my besties visiting this week and managed to take her and kids out for a lovely outing yesterday without boring either her or kids. I consider this a major victory. Also I have made complicated sleepover arrangements that will give us a free afternoon to do grown-up things, hurrah hurrah!

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