NA NA NA NAAAAA: 5 things 30.3.2020

  • A few weeks ago I happened to be listening to War of the Worlds and it was just a fun slice of retro. Now it feels really quite painful. All that apocalypse! The incredibly sudden and bewildering break with life as you know it! The virus! Eish. Still excellent choons, though, obviously.
  • Current stage of quarantine living: family pillow fights; extra table set up in the dining room to take permanent craft mess so that we can actually still eat; outrage at being expected to actually change out of PJs before lunch.
  • I had a birthday! Where Elfling goes, there go I, you see. For someone naturally lazy and introverted, lockdown birthdays are honestly the shit. Bubbly for breakfast (and lunch). Pizza and Muppet Treasure Island for supper. Lots of cuddles, no need to chase kids out the door to school. Great day.
  • One aspect that I’m really finding quite hard though is, not just struggling to get work done around bored kids, but being constantly bombarded with advice on how to deal with the massive amounts of free time I supposedly now have. I realise that being stuck home alone is not everybody’s idea of a great time and their problems are valid too. I’m not trying to say I have it harder, being home with my very fabulous and easygoing family, poor me. I’m just saying… it doesn’t make it easier, reading all these helpful pieces on how to deal with the boredom and quiet that I’m so far from having.
  • Armin has been officially booked off work till end of April, to keep working on his hand exercises. (I realise it sounds ridiculous – off work for months to waggle your fingers?! – but his hand is a total drama queen and needs to be exercised every single hour, for up to 40 minutes at a time. Progress on regaining movement is very very slow.) Anyway so that is pretty great timing, considering. It’s so odd having the whole family home like this, but very nice, apart from the never ever being alone thing.

Nos 17-19 of #52recipes: cheesy peasy puff turnover from Veg Every Day. Cooking for the full family every day has me seriously running out of inspiration and energy, so this was the super easy/lazy, unusual for us and delicious treat I needed. Roast cauliflower with brown butter dressing, nom nom nom! And Nigella’s coffee buttercream chocolate cake, because really coffee icing is all I want in a birthday.  

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