Talking ’bout a revolution: 5 things 6.4.2020

  • Cabin fever status: day drinking (and bedtime boozing). Sourdough, like everybody else. Experimenting with eyeshadow like I’m 13 again. Oh, and C has rearranged her furniture three times.
  • And, amazingly enough, the kids seem to have settled into a mellow mode for mockdown,* in which they (sometimes) hang out together and (mostly) nobody winds up yelling. Just chilling and enjoying each other’s company. It’s not the first time they’ve had a phase like this, but it’s been a while since the last one. I would have expected things to go the other way, after a few weeks of being together literally all day every day, but hurrah! Well done, kids!
  • It’s occurred to me that one reason I’m not struggling that much with mockdown is that it’s not that different from my usual life; obviously it’s a more intense version of the things that always frustrate me – enforced domesticity, lack of freedom – but it’s familiar. I do really, really miss alone time, though. You know I’m always harping on about how much I suck at getting things down when I’m always interrupted, and Swiss school hours mean I’m constantly being interrupted? Yeah. Now I’m constantly being interrupted. It’s… not great. But I’m also very aware of how good I have it. My family is awesome and about 90% of the time I’m really enjoying them. Okay, maybe 80%. Or thereabouts. I don’t love the interruptions, but work just doesn’t seem that important right now.
  • I have two or three actual paid freelance commitments that I haven’t gotten to at all because I just never get a chance to concentrate. That, and because I’ve been prioritising a big knitting thing I rashly decided to make happen. I have three lessons still to design and write, due on a weekly schedule, and this was obviously a Very Silly Idea, but then again it’s been so incredibly well received and I’m getting really sweet messages about it so… I’m not sorry. I question my priorities, but I’m not sorry.
  • Meanwhile, in “world turned upside down” news, the FT is publishing comment from its editorial board that the system has clearly Not Been Working and there will have to be Radical Change, like redistribution and wealth taxes. THE FREAKING FINANCIAL TIMES. And an investment bank is preaching the end of neo-liberalism. I have to be honest, this is pretty exciting. In an apocalyptic sort of way.


* It’s clearly not real lockdown at this point, although it really should be. “Guidelines” leave way too much wriggle room. 

Nos 20–21 of #52recipes: sourdough, OBVIOUSLY. Everyday loaf and tomato focaccia, both from this book.
Also, not a recipe, but quesadillas are now a part of my life. Made and ate them for the first time ever about 5 minutes before seeing this article, and really, thank heavens for that. SO GOOD. So simple (tortilla goes in pan, spoonful of leftover meat and grated cheese goes in tortilla, fold and fry). Such a nifty way to use leftovers. So going to be repeated.

One thought on “Talking ’bout a revolution: 5 things 6.4.2020

  1. “the FT is publishing comment from its editorial board that the system has clearly Not Been Working and there will have to be Radical Change”

    YAY! (but, obvs.)

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