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That productivity thing: 5 things 20.4.20

  • Stage of quarantine: Got mad at my sourdough starter. (It’s ok. We made up.) A deep cleaned the fridge and the shower and cleared his desk (a very Big Deal). I did a mountain of mending. C has not yet rearranged her room again, but she really really needs to. Oh, and although I’ve been actively avoiding cooking, I did bake a Sonntagszopf, getting me that much closer to being truly Swiss. Clearly we (at least the older generation) have reached a point where we are finally bored enough to get useful. Or something. Hats off to those of you who started out here; we seemed to need a few weeks to flap about trying and failing to do stuff, now we are actually doing.
  • ALTHOUGH in my defence I did spend the past three weeks working on that brioche school thing, which is now entering the final stages, and of which I am genuinely proud. Was a totally stupid thing to do at this time but people say it’s meant a lot to them, and I’ve got some solid design ideas out of it to work on for future (paid) things.
  • Having wrapped the knitting part of that up, I seamed a bunch of swatches to make two cowls for the kids, knit a baby hat for a gift, tidied my stash, unearthed a couple of long-neglected design projects and did that mountain of mending. I’m bubbling in that familiar overconfident “of course I can knit All The Things” state. It’s fun while it lasts.
  • I also finally completed a smallish but tiresome freelance project, and am staring down the barrel of a big one for the coming week. It should be fun but I am anxious; I would be a bit anxious even without full-time monster wrangling. As it is, well. Anxious. But very happy to have cleared the decks for it.
  • At the same time I very much want to spend more time with the kids this week. Doing school work with M (technically it’s holidays now, but then he didn’t do much during term, and he himself thinks the work his teacher sent is cool stuff; he just needs a bit of shepherding) and especially doing art. A set up a full-time art table – mess mat, paints, everything needed right there – and I downloaded some projects. We’ve all been playing around a bit. C is the most into it, M is the most ready to get fed up when things go wrong (they always do, of course), I’m just strangely excited to have a chance to play around and get used to the actual materials in a way I never have before. I have very limited attention span (always that feeling that I should and/or want to be doing something else with my time) but even a little bit of arting is good.

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