Real life threatens to return: 5 things 6.5.20

  • State of quarantine: filing my nails now counts as an achievement, but to be fair, it kind of always felt that way.
  • This post is coming to you two days late, partly because Monday sort of slipped by me (I mean who the hell knows what day it is any more) and partly because I’ve been mildly ill and milking it. In that for once I have the opportunity to actually rest up (sort of), since A is home and work is quiet, so I’m definitely taking advantage of that even if I’m not really that sick. Of course, being sick at all is vaguely worrying these days, especially if it comes with the tiniest cough. M isn’t quite well yet (having been coughing since just before Easter) and since this is now all that stands between him and play dates, it’s becoming a concern. It’s tiresome being basically fine but having to treat ourselves as plague carriers, just in case.
  • Real life is starting to feel almost like it will happen again. It’s pretty exciting. Kids go back to school next week; only Tuesdays and Fridays, but it’s a welcome change. We’re hoping to go out for lunch on Mother’s Day. Also, I get a pedicure tomorrow, wooooo! (I have had maybe 4 or 5 pedis in my entire life? But suddenly I find myself thinking, you know, maybe this is a thing I deserve more often. Maybe I too can be a real girl.)
  • A’s hand is improving but still not where it needs to be, so his sick leave has been extended. He’ll be home another two weeks and then working only every other day till end of June. This is amazing. I feel incredibly lucky to have had him home, and not working, for the entire lockdown.
  • Had a conversation with my new RAV (unemployment office) adviser, the same day I’d had a dream about a tiresome job hunt conversation, after such a lovely long time of just not worrying about any of this shit at all. Nothing about the conversation (or the dream) was intrinsically bad, just exhausting because of how it puts me on the defensive. I guess the plague holiday is over and it’s time to start worrying about this shit again.
  • Nos 25–26 of #52recipes: popovers from my sourdough book. Never made or I think actually eaten popovers before, but very nice they were. And disappointing apple cinnamon muffins from this book, which has never before steered me wrong; in this case honestly I think it’s not that the muffins were bad, just that they had the misfortune to follow on a spectacularly good batch of these muffins. Next time I’ll just sub apple into the carrot recipe. (Btw, I think the secret ingredient that made them even better than usual was that I used olive oil. I did the same recently with banana bread and both things tasted incredible.)

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