Not normal quite yet: just 3 things 12.5.20

  • Just dispatched Claudia to school for the first time in two months. She hasn’t been this happy to head off since the start of first grade. Unfortunately Max doesn’t get to go in because he is still coughing – just once or twice a day, and it’s probably not the plague, but clearly now is not the time to take chances with other people’s safety. Which, frankly, sucks. We’re now dosing him with cough syrup (even before he actually coughs, in hopes of suppressing it) and hoping he can get through just two days without coughing – that’s the rule.
  • My mood has taken a bit of a downturn, funnily enough. Apparently I can get through two months of quarantine feeling pretty good but when things start to normalise only not really, I get fed up. Or maybe I’m just tired. I spent most of last week (after a cold) feeling very tired and allowing myself masses of naps. Now I’m basically fine again but probably still underslept (plague messes with my routine!) and grumpy. Time to get back to yoga.
  • Went grocery shopping yesterday for the first time since M got sick, i.e. a month. I’d been looking forward to it quite excessively but then I didn’t actually want to go. Like I say, tired and grumpy. Still, it feels good to have the fridge properly stocked again. Was weird seeing the shopping centre almost back to normal – open shops, plenty of people – and yet, still the floors marked into traffic lanes, still the customer limits in each shop. Nobody had to queue to get in anywhere. But all these visible reminders that things are not normal.

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