Ups, downs and dead ends: 5 things 25.5.20

  • Both kids back at school, after a slow start since M was still coughing and had to miss the first of this two days a week. But imagine the happiness when the time finally came. Never has (near) normality been such a thrill.
  • We had friends over for dinner. Well, drinks that turned into dinner. It’s always amazingly lovely hanging out with these people but under present circumstances, even more amazing. And, yes, fraught with that “should we really be doing this?!” question… but the kids are in school together. And are officially allowed to make playdates. And we’re all officially allowed to meet in restaurants these days (just no more than 4 people). So it’s perfectly reasonable for those parents to come and fetch them and just stay a while, right? But still feels extremely fraught.
  • In hausfrau news, I had a very successful cooking week. I tried some mild Asian flavours (previously not popular) and for once the kids were into it. Very exciting! New worlds of possibilities!
  • Had a job interview. IN PERSON. Which felt weird and wrong but also very welcome. Not sure how I feel about the actual job; the company is interesting but it’s well outside my comfort zone. I know that’s supposed to be a good thing but… well. I kinda really want comfort these days. And the commute sucks (1.5 hours, two changes plus a 10-minute walk). And the office is not comfortable. But beggars, choosers, all that. Still, it left me more depressed than I was to start with. Or maybe that’s just the weirdness of plague times getting to me. Idk, idk. Anyway I couldn’t quite bring myself to blog last week, so that explains the silence, despite all good things above.
  • I got sucked into doing ridiculously complicated mazes this week. I have a habit of getting excessively absorbed in something utterly pointless in times of stress and apparently now it’s mazes. I thought it might be sudoku, but no: the satisfaction of carefully colouring in all the dead ends until you have just the one true path remaining – that, it turns out, is The Business. Now the challenge is to stop doing mazes.

Nos 27–30 of #52recipes: sourdough cheese crackers. So yummy. And I felt so smug being able to offer guests actual home-made snacks, no matter how stupidly easy they actually were. Also skillet ravioli, which seems like such a great idea but somehow wasn’t quite a home run (maybe because I used tiny tortellini rather than ravioli); macaroni peas (fine, easy, does the job); and a very underwhelming carrot and peanut salad.

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