First world problems

Our coffee machine is on the fritz again and I am suffering. I dimly recall being perfectly happy with instant, once upon a time, but that time has passed. Proper coffee has become my most luxurious essential, or my most essential luxury, I’m not sure, but either way: I really really REALLY miss it. Have been trying to fill the gap with cold brew, but I’m not great at that and the whole time delay factors makes it hard to keep up supply at an appropriate pace. Also, y’know, sometimes one just wants a proper hot coffee. Especially in last week’s weather.

So anyway I’ve been without coffee and entirely coincidentally in a crap mood all week, go figure, really it’s a mystery. Stress dreams and meh feelings and blargh. Slightly pepped up by booking a holiday in Venice. I KNOW! But it seemed like maybe a great chance to stay there in summer without insane crowds? But actually how do I know there won’t be crowds? Seems cruise ships will be back from August after all. Maybe not as many? But maybe just as bad? I DON’T KNOW but I’m thinking maybe we won’t go after all? It’s all a bit uncomfortable. We are terrible at planning holidays at the best of times. This is not the best of times. But I think I might, as an exercise, start planning next year’s holidays now, because really, if I’m researching all these possibilities… may as well lay some groundwork. And find out what forward planning is actually like, you know, as a novelty.

Holiday dithering aside, I spent my Saturday flipping in random rotation between three things (not counting monster wrangling, with two of M’s friends added to the mix): applying for a job I might actually want, figuring out how to access my own purchased music on my phone without paying a monthly fee after Google pulls a fast one,* and cleaning out and carefully drying every drawer in the bathroom after M entirely deliberately flooded the place. Because Playmobil pirates. It must be fun being 7 and thinking “Hey let’s see what happens if I do this” without any conception of the not so great things that might in fact happen! (Ah, it’s not so bad. I mean sure, all the cotton wool and toilet rolls are trashed, but we’re past the Great Toilet Roll Crisis of 2020, right? We can get more!) I’m particularly irritated about the music thing because having found a solution I really liked, that solution randomly doesn’t work with my Bluetooth headphones. Actually I tried out three different music players, and two of them won’t play through the headphones. One does. So it can’t be a hardware problem, and I can’t find any settings in the apps that seem relevant. Baffling, but annoying, because the first app was so much prettier. And yes, that really matters.

First world problems, eh. This entire post reads fairly shockingly. Whoops! There you have it, my spoiled life in a nutshell: FORCED to live without fancy coffee, ENDURING the hardship of holiday planning, SUFFERING the slings and arrows of outrageous app limitations. Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen.

Nos 39–41 of #52recipes: broccoli and mushroom soup. Welcome development, having M’s eyes light up when I say something has mushroom in it. (He is still not keen on large amounts of mushroom, but small amounts are apparently an excellent thing.) Bok choi with mushrooms and coconut milk, and these extreme roasted carrots, which I tell you for free is very much the best way to cook carrots.

*Replacing Play Music with YouTube Music. Which doesn’t play in the background unless you go premium, i.e. monthly subscription. Ok if you want to stream music, but I just want to listen to my own music, usually while I run. Finding a replacement app was pretty easy; figuring out how to get my music onto my phone was a bit harder, since the standard advice (including from Google itself) is “use USB cable or sync to Music Manager/Play Music”. But my (Google) phone uses USB C, which obviously doesn’t plug into my computer, and Music Manager only dumps the songs into Play Music, where the phone’s actual file system doesn’t seem to access them at all, even if downloaded. It’s a mess. Anyway, eventually I found AirDroid and that worked really well, fwiw.

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