Ok so sometimes 5 things is just the way we roll, ok?

Yes, the bullet points are back, because sometimes I really do just have a random list. Look at me applying context and all! It’s like I don’t have to rigidly follow made-up rules on my own blog even!

  • Lovely neighbours have taken out the not-so-healthy cypress bushes that were partly separating our two gardens and specifically invited the kids to play in their space. So we get the illusion of a bigger garden (other dividers are still in place, but still) and at least some of the benefit. This only works, I think, because we share what might be kindly called a “shabby chic” garden aesthetic – neither of us is going to be bugged by the other’s failure to mow. Which is nice! (Next up, buying and sharing a robot lawnmower, which will also help.) It is a bit funny, though, because on either side of this now doubled messy space is a very tidy garden, each separated by a wall. One of those walls went up specifically so neighbour didn’t have to look at the messy garden. The other one went up to protect our cats from their dogs. Anyway. We are the proudly un-Swiss mess meisters, yes we are. Maybe by next summer we will get around to actually doing something with the garden, other than admiring the wildflowers in what was once a lawn.
  • Since internet and “real life” are not separate, I’m pretty stressed about about some internet fuckery right now that I won’t get into but AAAAARGHHH. It does have direct real-world impact on me; not big impact, necessarily; but it’s a great big bowl of steaming fuckery soup and honestly, who needs that? In 2020 of all years? HONESTLY.
  • On a cheerier note, it’s been a pretty social week (yay?), and I have taken A Step Forward in organising the Sunday knitting club. Back story: there’s a Meetup group that has three weekly meetings, and I’ve been attending on and off for years. Mostly off, lately. But I’ve agreed to take over the role of official organiser, despite being possibly the worst person to do it, because nobody else wanted to. It’s not a very demanding thing – in principle. But we need a new Sunday venue because the old one closed, and this is a bit stressy because of me not really knowing the city well enough. Anyway! Managed to meet some new members and had a chat about the situation and gathered some ideas, and more importantly everyone is now aware of the need to try out new venues and we have A Plan to do it, and it’s actually quite exciting. There go my Sunday mornings for the foreseeable future, though.
  • We went shopping for a new bike for C (because M has outgrown his; the chain logic is clear, yes?) and accidentally bought a new bike for Armin. As well, not instead of. But it was pretty funny. Mostly in that he was so resistant to the idea of spending really a very modest amount of money in really a very good deal, because he didn’t “need” it. It improves his commute enormously though. I’m just glad I happened to be there in the shop to insist that he should try it and, whoops, yes, should buy it! I do find it strange how we’re both very reluctant to spend money on ourselves. It’s so easy for me to see that this was obviously an extremely worthwhile purchase, but really hard for A to accept that. Meanwhile he will push me to get a massage or a pedicure or something else that he sees as obviously a really worthwhile treat (or more necessary than a treat, even) and yet I’ll find it incredibly hard to justify. Brains are weird.
  • C has come home with a pile of Evermore books from a friend. She’s excited because the covers are really pretty (good reason!) and tells me happily that I can read them too for German practice. I am ambivalent. I make a habit of reading German books, but they must absolutely be light and fluffy and full of dialogue, so these seem to fit the bill. But they also seem pretty terrible. Anyway, then she points out how very fat the books are, and how many of them. “So many words, mommy!” Keeps repeating that. And I realise that she is gleefully hoping to intimidate me. The little shit. I am not scared of your teeny romance, baby girl. They are not going to be hard words.

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