No pressure but still a tiny bit of pressure

I had to keep M home with me all of last week. All. Week. For what was really just a light cold, but you know how it is with kids, if they have a cough it lingers, and plague rules are clear. So. Some days were fine, some days were a total pain. I have no hesitation in using copious screen time under such circumstances, but there’s a clear and pretty immediate vicious cycle: bored kid who is allowed much screen time quickly becomes unable to think of anything to do in between screen time. When I got fed up and banned screen time, he got sunk into creating a picture book (watch out, he’s totally going to try selling that to you shortly), but that creative streak wore off after a couple of days and we were back to fighting over iPad allowance and the impossibility of getting him to stay in bed and rest up. Sigh. It’s been a Week, that’s all. I had very specific plans for that week, but I got nothing done and I overdosed on kid time. Yes, it’s great being in a position where I don’t have any pressure and I can just go with it, but still, sigh. This week I do have some urgent work to do ā€“ not much, but it must be done right now ā€“ and I still have to catch up on last week, and we have social plans, and I wish I didn’t. That’s all.

Nos 47ā€“48 of #52recipes: two pasta recipes from Half-Baked Harvest Super Simple (we’ll be working through that book for a while), one with slow-cooked chicken and one with a tomato vodka sauce. Big aha! of that one wasn’t the vodka, it was mixing sun-dried tomatoes with canned in a blended tomato sauce. SO good.

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