Peak indulgence

I am writing to you freshly back from a weekend sewing retreat – four days in an Alpine chalet with delicious food, lovely women and absolutely no pressure to do anything, not even sew. Which you’ll understand is a very good thing considering my absolute terror of sewing. So why did I go? Well, mostly for the “retreat” part of the occasion, but also because I really do want to make friends with my sewing machine, and I hoped that having experts around to call on when I ran into trouble (thread snarl-ups and such) would help me over the hump. It worked! I mean, I think it worked? I only made six masks* (while everyone around me was creating or finishing these incredible quilts), but by the end I was honestly enjoying the process as a soothing, meditative experience, and came home excited to get started on the next thing.

Annoyingly I also came home absolutely knackered, because (a) I slept terribly the first night and (b) I tweaked my back on Saturday morning. Meaning I’ve slept terribly since then too, and also it just hurts to sit too long, which I’ve done more than a few times. So I am not really ready to start sewing again, nor to do much of anything else. But that’s okay, right? I can take it easy another day or so. There’s no work that can’t wait.

Oh, and the family had a great time without me, so I came home to a huge vase of gorgeous flowers (bought from one of the local farms), very happy everybody and general agreement that I’m allowed to go back next year. So my goal is to make sure by the time I do, I have sewn something to show off. Maybe even from some of the fabric I bought there. (Whaaat?! Crafting and stashing go together like, well, like knit and purl. And it was super cheap. Rude not to.)

* Of course I made masks. It’s 2020. What else would I make for a beginner project.

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