Win some, lose some, but I could really use a win some time

Good news: Venus turns out to be a cuddle kitty in winter. At least, she’s still shy of laps, but she keeps coming to snuggle next to us on the couch, or indeed in bed, which is very welcome. She’s also using the litterbox again rather than the Great Outdoor Toilet, so, win some lose some, but the win is bigger.

Bad news: I didn’t get a job I really really wanted, despite what seemed to be a very promising interview. I am of course very well used to this by now, so in a way it’s less crushing than it might be. But then again there’s the element of “well if I couldn’t even get this job, which was seemingly made for me, what hope do I have – and what the HELL AM I DOING WRONG?”


I’ll never know, because nobody ever, ever gives honest feedback for these decisions. Usually just a polite “other candidates fit the requirements better”. Once I was told “we hired someone with more specific industry experience”, but when she let them down they hired me, and I stayed there for four years having a blast. Only at my leaving bash did I hear that actually, the reason I missed out at first was that I’d seemed “hard and aggressive” in the interview.

Well. Apparently my Serious Professional Demeanour comes across as hard, then. Okay. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost out on other roles (maybe even this latest one) for being too enthusiastic, which can read as girly and not to be taken seriously. You just can’t win.

Moving on. We’re in autumn holidays now and have big plans for the week ahead, plans involving PAINT and LIGHTS (finally!) for this house that we’ve now been in for a full year. I have less than no energy for all this. But it will be very cool to have it done, so we’ll just focus on that.

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