So that’s nice, and that, and that: 5 GOOD things 26.10

  1. In the moaning about our decorating debacle, I forgot to mention that we were also delayed in that by the sudden, tragic and noisily unpleasant demise of our fridge. Tragic, but not entirely unexpected and leading, in the natural way of things, to the acquisition of a New Fridge. Would you believe this is the first time in my life I’ve ever had occasion to buy a new fridge? Ever? It is WONDERFUL. It has a wine rack! It has ample space for a family’s weekly grocery needs, which is borderline miraculous for a Swiss fridge. It also has a door that closes gently but securely, and veggie drawers that roll open on the smoothest of coasters. I’m extremely happy. In an extremely bourgeois hausfrau way, but who cares, that’s my life, I embrace it. Sort of.
  2. Venus turns out to be a Winter Kitty, which is a much snugglier thing than a Winter Soldier or (more relevantly) than regular summer Venus. I like.
  3. I am delighted to report that I have indeed made friends with my sewing machine, to the extent that I can now just sit down and do stuff, even with the kids. M and I made a little tote bag on Saturday in a very short space of time, simply because he realised how simple the design would be and he wanted to. It’s pretty messy and the experience wasn’t entirely unstressful, but the stress was kid-related, not sewing-related. Sadly, I am still terrible at sewing. I am not great at this whole “precision” thing, and if you can’t even cut straight, things are bound to go downhill from there. But getting past the fear of the machine is a huge, huge leap forward.

4. We made an uncharacteristically effective plan yesterday to enjoy the good weather (one nice day in a long wet stretch) and the autumn colour (particularly good this year) and even to see the extended family, who joined us for a very kid-friendly mountain walk. There’s a “Kugelweg” on the Hasliberg – a downhill stroll from the cable car, taking in 11 giant marble runs. Enormous fun and amazing views. I feel very smug for having made it happen, and even more smug that everyone kept complimenting me on this great idea.

5. I am starting the week with absolutely zero outstanding freelance work. I am all caught up. Which isn’t always a good thing for a freelancer but since I’ve been trying to offramp from freelancing, it’s marvellous. That leaves me free to, um, catch up on errands and house chores (eurgh), or sew (not a lot of fun in this dark weather – that room is in particularly urgent need of lights), or work on a long overdue personal project (eurgh, but also good, I really need to clear that away). Better get started then…

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