Breathing out

“The most excited I’ll ever be about the least exciting candidate possible” (as seen on Twitter) is, well, accurate. It does feel a bit ridiculous that the entire world experienced SUCH BIG FEELINGS last week, when most of us have no personal ties to the US, but then again: fuck yeah. And omg so glad that’s over (even though it’s not really over). And omg the sense of generalised relief, semi-rational as it may be, is quite something. Feels like This Fucking Year is finally rolling over and starting to slink toward the door, dragging all its insane bullshit with it.

The week was good on a more personal level, too, in a low-key way. Small parenting wins (organization, discipline, motivation, talking stressed kid down from the ledge). Small household wins (tidying the garden for autumn). Like that. Plus I’ve wrapped up a couple of big freelance projects and am closing in on a more personal long-term project, which means I will very soon not have anything at all I “should be doing”? Unless you count housework. (Please, please don’t count housework.) I’m not sure how I feel about this. I guess it makes very little difference really, since people generally assume I’m already doing nothing all day, and I’ll get some more small freelance jobs soon enough (probably). I’ll have time and headspace for trying new creative things, if I feel like it. Or I could just sit and knit. Or take lots of walks. Anyway, the clearing the decks feeling is very good. Like I’m opening space for something new… even if I don’t have anything new to put in it. Yet.

Nos 47–48 of #52recipes (after a 2.5-month break apparently?!): green fig preserve (very so so, I blame the figs) and pea and coconut soup (much enjoyed by parents, less so by kids).

One thought on “Breathing out

  1. BIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALso, How does one talk a kid down from the ledge? Do tell! Also that soup looks like it would be a gorgeous color. Mine wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole (uh I mean, 3 meter pole haha).

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