Winter of discontent

Winter officially arrived over the weekend. I know this because one: much frost. Two: our kiwi vines gave up overnight. Literally. Saturday afternoon, a few leaves had drifted off. By Sunday morning, the few leaves that hadn’t dropped fell off at the slightest touch. And three: the first lights have gone up. Not just in our house (driven largely by pressure from the smallest person), but definitely also here, and definitely accompanied by occasional Christmas music. Normally I insist on waiting till December, but, well. This Fucking Year (TM).

Anyway so now it feels like it’s practically Christmas, and that’s not exactly a bad thing, but it’s also filling me with year-end angst over my complete inability to turn my life around or achieve anything at all in TFY. I do occasionally get a little glow from being reminded that I taught a shitload of people brioche knitting in lockdown the first, and I’m genuinely proud of that, that was a Good Thing To Do. Didn’t move my own life further in any way at all but still. Whatever! Everyone knows that the life of a hausfrau is all about her kids, and the kids are awesome, so there’s that.

Daughter asked me to take her to look at the Gymi on Saturday, which I was happy to do (especially because very curious myself); normally there would have been a proper information evening and a chance to visit, but TFY. Only afterwards did she explain that this was part of a strategy to revive her motivation to study, since she’s feeling burnt out. I am completely blown away. That she identified the problem (stressed, demotivated) and came up with a plan to inspire herself: visualisation + reminders of why she wants it. I have the best kids in the world.

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