Tis the damn season*

Solidly halfway through the last month of TFY and I find I have absolutely nothing to report. Am perfectly fine but doing basically nothing at all. Skin has almost entirely stopped actually itching but decided to be really red and hot and stiff on my face and chest; I choose to believe this is the final stage, all the ick has concentrated itself in this area and it just needs a minute to find a way out. (Acupuncturist keeps talking about qi blockage and heat being forced upwards and stuff and it sounds ridiculous but… that’s exactly how it feels.)

I’m struggling to think of something to write so I’m not leaving you with just a skin ailment, because ew. It’s too soon for end-of-year retrospective musings. Calendar continues to be empty, and I could blame plague but let’s be real, this is exactly how I like it. I’m drifting comfortably towards 2021 in a state of Zen, or as near as I can get. And knitting a lot. So, same same. At least I’m staying on brand.

*Really enjoying the new Taylor, to my own surprise. Catchy yet soothing.

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