The lazy time is here at last

For years, many many many years, I was baffled by moms talking about school holidays in positive terms – the lazy time, the mellow fun time – because obviously school holidays meant no respite for mommies. But I am here to tell you that I am now one of those moms enjoying the lazy mornings, the slow pace, the general sense of chill that I am suddenly sharing with the actual kids, because, who could have imagined, kids grow. One of them now sleeps in, and spends her days doing art (and a little study, because Gymi exam coming up in just 2.5 months), and maybe hanging with friends. The other wakes up and sorts himself out with carefully rationed iPad time (he knows and respects the rules) and breakfast. And now that I’ve taught him cross stitch* he might be able to keep himself entertained even longer than that first hour of the day. Yeah, M does still tend to need a bit of attention and entertaining, so holidays can be a bit of work in that regard, but overall it’s still pretty great. Especially since I don’t have any work to do now, so the challenge when he’s bored is just to find something to do with him that’s fun for both of us. I can handle that.

I’ve had my last acupuncture session of the year and skin is almost back to normal. Very close. Even more impressive, my scalp is possibly psoriasis free? It’s flaking, but more in the usual dry scalp way, so yay for acupuncture. I will miss my twice weekly sessions (ohhhh so lovely) but am curious to see how scalp behaves with this long hiatus.

Also curious, in a vague, unanswerable way, as to how much of the improvement is due to placebo/psychological effect of simply taking time to relax for an hour twice a week and feel like I’m looking after myself, or to the herbal antidepressant they gave me. A friend pointed out that meditation is also nice and very much cheaper than acupuncture, which is certainly true and worth pursuing in the same way. I struggle with meditation because part of me is always quibbling “but what am I doing this FOR” so if I just tell myself sternly it’s For My Health, that could sort that out.

* Definitely one of my better ideas. It’s pixel art in yarn form. He loves pixel art, he loves yarn, knitting is too slow and frustrating but this? This is a total win.

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