One school week down, one list ticked off

We moved the keyboard downstairs for the Christmas season, so that we could have carols beside the tree. (What can I say. It’s a German thing.) It quickly became apparent that we all play keyboard a lot more when it’s out there in the open, not tucked away in the “studio” (guest/yoga/craft room) – to the extent of fighting over who gets to practise right this minute – so it’s going to stay when the tree goes (tonight). As a bonus, that leaves a little more space in the studio; not that it’s crowded, but it’s been feeling pretty long and narrow, so I’m glad to have one less thing against the long wall. First good move of 2021?

Not going to comment on the other 2021 news so far; I subscribe to the belief that we are still in an unnaturally extended December 2020. Year of Good Hope 2021 hasn’t reeeeeeally started yet, all will be well as soon as we’ve finished clearing out the psychic clutter of last year. And that’s all I’ll say about that. Let’s get some white sage up in these corners.

Still really low on energy – and a bit annoyed that exhaustion/skin stress, both linked to emotional wossnames, continue to be a thing even though I’m really pretty cheerful – but I was pretty productive last week. Phone calls made! Lists ticked off! Model of efficiency, me. At least when the lists are not super overwhelming to start with. But it’s a good vibe to be going on with. Even on the craft side, I’m making progress on the non-knitting things that I typically don’t make progress on. So that’s nice. And there’s snow on the ground, and Katzensee is just starting to freeze over, so that’s nice. The last time it froze hard enough to go out on was the winter just before we arrived, we’ve been eyeing it hopefully every year since without luck. But freezing this early could be a good sign. Fingers crossed we can get our skates on by month end!

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