There was cake, there was snow, what more do you need

Since Thursday, all of Zürich has been blanketed in ridiculous, excessive, delightful and overwhelming amounts of snow. Not so delightful for those who were struggling to get around of course, but very delightful for those at leisure to simply enjoy it. I’ve never seen weather like this here, and rarely in the mountains, so it’s been an absolute treat. And was very well timed for Max to enjoy his birthday party (largely) outdoors.

Less delightful, my mood has taken a sharp dive again. For reasons perhaps not unconnected with the beginning of job coaching – courtesy of the unemployment bureau, and of course in theory it’s a really nice service to have, and my coach is really very lovely, but it’s still not at all fun to be hashing out again how it is that I find myself apparently completely unemployable, and the questions about what I really want to be doing and what factors to look for in a job are… well, completely unhelpful fuck you very much, I’ve had seven years to navel gaze and explore my options and it’s not getting me anywhere, is it. I would take any fucking thing but they aren’t taking me. So. Not fun.

In #Not52recipes news: birthday baking involved this awesome (and very delicious) dinosaur cheesecake, plus Maxi’s surprise wish for a Neapolitan cake. Not that he called it that, he just wanted three layers – chocolate, strawberry, chocolate again – and vanilla icing. Which pretty much forced me to face my layer cake demons and I have to tell you, I completely rocked it. Just as well since Claudia now wants the same, but with green icing; I’m thinking mint? Also, this strawberry cake recipe really is fantastic. Next time I’ll try do it all in a single step in the blender though – I do question whether alternating wet and dry ingredients really makes the difference.
In non-cake cooking news, Spätzli mit Gemüse might be my new favourite thing. I didn’t even follow the recipe, I just read it one time and followed the general principle later. Brilliant. Especially with pumpkin spätzli.

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