Ughhhhhh: 2 things 25.1.21

  • Feels really good to get back to yoga. Physically and mentally. Must be some of that “self-care” of which they speak so highly. Everyone always says “go for a walk” and yes walks are good but yoga is better.
  • Took a private online German class this morning in a tragic attempt to boost my grammar and make myself more viable as a coms job candidate. I am feeling as bitter and bratty about this as you might imagine – no, correction, a lot more so. It’s pushing all my insecurity buttons, and 90 minutes one on one is absolutely horrible, way too much focus on me. Also I don’t feel like it will actually help. But I do very much need to work on that awful grammar, I just don’t think this is the way to do it. Ughhhhh. Terrible way to start the week.
  • So terrible actually that it has left me with literally nothing to say except ughhhhh. So I’ll leave you here. See you in February.

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