Rory’s going to Yale!

We’ve just had a three-day weekend that felt more like four, at least. Friday was C’s birthday AND the day she got her Gymi letter – she’s in. So she coasted on the high of that news, right through her celebration (two friends over for a Gilmore-worthy movie night, with all the sweets in the world, and sleepover), right through the whole weekend and Monday, which was a teacher training day. We all slightly lost track of what day it was and basically anything other than the relief and excitement and just slowly coming down from the rising intensity of the past six months. It’s slowly sinking in… “Mommy, this means I’m really going to ETH!”* alternating with “Mommy it’s high school! It’s so BIG!** And I’m still so small!”

Only two kids in her class made it (only five took the exam). One of her besties missed it by about 0.6%. So we’re extra proud. And I’m, well, very curious to see what new friends she makes when she gets there, and whether she manages to stay close with her current crew. They’re good kids! I’d miss them…

Now we are looking at a weird long interregnum before the new phase actually starts. What on earth is she going to do with herself till August? Nothing in school actually matters at this point! I mean I am sure she’ll still be participating fully. But it doesn’t matter. That’s quite a lot of time to fill.

* As long as she doesn’t flunk out or change her mind, basically. Finishing Gymi (“getting the Matura”) means you are automatically admitted to any Swiss university for any course of study. Except maybe for things like medical school. But basically.
** It really is – about 2,000 pupils.

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