Not everything is terrible

I have a vaccination appointment, finally. (Well, two. Both set up together.) It’s been A Challenge getting one – they all disappeared within six hours of being opened to all age groups, reportedly. I kept trying and failing (having them snatched out from under me in the few seconds it took) until finally succeeding today, when 120,000 new slots were released. And again, it took a few tries to get past the “someone else got this while you were busy” message. So I think we can safely assume that Zürchers are not too vaccine reluctant. And this is excellent news. I’ve never felt that worried about infection on my own behalf (yes, I realise this is not at all rational and I could very well get very sick; I’m just talking about gut feeling here), but the possibility of spreading infection without realising it has been super stressful. Local bestie was positive a couple of weeks ago, with barely any symptoms. So to think that we’re getting close to herd immunity (kinda? hopefully?) is a wonderful, wonderful thing. And being able to tick “book vax” off my list is deeply satisfying; another closed tab.

We have tangible progress on the lights, too; it’s far from DONE but it’s taking shape. And we’ve taken a bunch of pictures off for framing, also years overdue – and terrifyingly expensive – but another real step forward. And I’ve finally done enough yoga to feel like it might actually be possible to do yoga. (There might even be some muscles hiding somewhere under there? Who knew!)

So all of that is good. The weather is shit, but I’m not as mad about that as I was, because somehow it feels less grim; more green everywhere, less deathly chill, I can live with this. I mean I feel like May owes me a bit more than it’s given, so far… but I’ll give it a chance.

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