In which I do not trust good news

We’ve just spent a pleasingly child-free weekend in a fancy hotel with a fancy room upgrade and fancy permission to eat in the ACTUAL RESTAURANT, which was nearly the biggest luxury of all, really. This was in celebration of (a) my birthday (yes, very late) and (b) our wedding anniversary, but as it turned out also (c) quite unexpectedly, a job offer.

Obviously I should be jumping up and down over that last one, and it really is good news – ticks all the boxes, should be interesting and I like the people – but I find myself unable to be excited; not because there’s any reason to be less than thrilled, just because after exactly two years of unemployment and one year of really toxic jobs, I don’t trust good news. So for those of you who might feel startled or even hurt not to have gotten this news personally, I’m sorry, I’m just processing. Takes a little time. But yay! But hm, we’ll see.

Anyway the hotel was truly lovely. Amazing views from our corner balcony. Fantastically relaxed. I am always a little uncomfortable in fancy places because I quite obviously do not belong, and I very much envy people who don’t care about whether they belong or not, but I am not one of them. But that was less a factor this time; maybe I’m growing up at last? It’s nice to be able to enjoy nice things. I look forward to soon enjoying a nice job. I hope.

* #Not52recipes: I made two good pasta things that are worth sharing (really, why do I even bother trying not to cook pasta more than once a week? Give the people what they want!). First, I revisited that viral baked feta thing, but simpler, weighted more heavily toward the tomato side, and with toasted pine nuts. Even better than before! And then I tried this “mac n cheese” (but without artichokes, because children, or crackers or butter). I was VERY SUSPICIOUS of the method (it is frighteningly little water) but it worked and tasted pleasingly light for mac n cheese. I mean, it was a lot more actual cheese than I’d normally use, so I am not at all sure it’s a health upgrade, even without the butter. But it tasted lighter and greener than it would with a roux. Oh, and I used goat cheese rather than cream cheese, because obviously.

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