3 things in a hurry, 2.7.21

  • Initially underrated advantage of our new house: it’s a 2-minute walk from a little independent appliance shop. This has become extremely valuable over the past few months, as four appliances in succession have broken, not counting the time I needed to replace a shelf in the fridge. I mean yes, normally one would make phone calls. But (1) I hate phone calls, especially auf Deutsch, and (2) isn’t it great that I can just pop over and get a look at suitable fridge models in person? And they are fast and super reliable. And this morning I have a new reason to love them, because we have a washing machine crisis, and they raised a very elegant eyebrow at the advice I’d had elsewhere that it needed to be replaced, not repaired. And at the price I’d been quoted for the part alone. “Would you like a second opinion before you order a new machine?” Yes, yes I really would.
  • Went to work in the actual OFFICE for the first time yesterday. I’d been looking forward to it a lot but also slightly apprehensive. It was bloody brilliant. Don’t know if the mood was maybe extra jovial because of me being new, or for other reasons, but it was really exceptionally chatty and cheerful. Productive, but relaxed. Exactly what a person wants who has been working from home for most of the past decade and longing to enjoy adult company again.
  • Our garden has been greatly improved but is still almost entirely plant-less, as the lawn settles in and the plants are being ordered. This also means that we are entirely exposed to all our neighbours, since the hedge is missing, and our lounge looks onto the garden through a wall of glass. Fun! But I am very excited about the improvements. It already looks wonderful, and the plants we’ve settled on are going to be super pretty. I mean, until I kill them. But at least for a while.

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