Unstuckening, unwording

So here we are, the start of another school year and a big shift. Little one is in last year at little school, big one is in first year at big school, both are beyond excited. I’m in the last week of Probezeit at the job (with no problems so far) so can officially relax. Garden is done, garden furniture is in place so we can enjoy it, lights are well on their way to being sorted. Can confirm, everything that felt so stuck for so long has pretty much gotten moving. It’s good.

However, I don’t have a lot to say. Do I really do nothing but moan on here, leaving me suddenly at a loss?! I do hope not. I think it’s a more fundamental part of the shift – in the same way that I spent the most time on social media when I was most flailing; it was a different kind of stuckness. I don’t want or need to spend so much time in my head now, and definitely not at my computer. Which means weekly posts are a thing of the past. Sorry.

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