This is not a blog, it’s an outrage*

I have officially given up on trying to figure out if I even have a blog any more, or if I do, what it’s actually for. This is now just a place where I may or may not occasionally put some words for lack of anywhere else to put them. Sometimes they may be more personal, sometimes they will definitely be more random. Who knows whether you’ll find them worth reading; this is no longer really for you. Sorry.

In that spirit, herewith, my favourite Christmas songs.

Donna & Blitzen (Badly Drawn Boy). I have absolutely no idea what this is about but it absolutely nails the sparkly glad tidings, without being either religious or croony. Full marks.

Christmas Wrapping (The Waitresses). So blasé! The musical equivalent of just kind of throwing a strand of tinsel around your neck over whatever you were already wearing and calling that your party outfit, and just like the tinsel, it works.

Ho Ho Ho (Sia). This is where, besides the tinsel, you show up at the party with a tote bag FULL of booze because you and your friends, you know what shit you’ve all been through this year and it is time to be DONE with all that.

Santa Baby (Eartha Kitt). Yes of course this is rampantly ridiculous consumerism and weaponised femininity. It’s Eartha Kitt. Where have you BEEN.

Early Christmas Morning (Cyndi Lauper). Name 3 Cyndi Lauper songs, you’ll probably think of this, Happy Birthday and of course that one from that movie. Cyndi understands about fun, doesn’t she? Well done Cyndi.

In the Cold, Cold Night (Tracey Thorn); Listen the Snow is Falling (Thea Gilmore); My Christmas Prayer (Saint Etienne). These three just prove that I’m really more of a winter solstice girl than a Christmas girl. Give me snow and candles and just a tiny spark of hope against the dark. That’ll do.

Holiday-ish (The Regrettes). Hey, whatever, we don’t really understand why we celebrate Christmas but the important thing is that we do. So here we go. Yes.

Merry Christmas, anyway, anyone who’s still reading! May it be cozy and delicious and everything you want it to be.

* South Africans of a certain vintage may or may not get the musical reference.

2 thoughts on “This is not a blog, it’s an outrage*

  1. I don’t know if I have heard any of those, I need to go listen and see! But I do love the regrettes. Thanks for the song suggestions! 🙂

    1. Yay to Regrettes! Max is a huge fan of their new album and was astonished to realise this song is also from them. They also have another Xmas song, Marshmallow World. But I prefer this.

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