Some things I might or might not do in 2023

  1. Complete Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a game I just started because it was so frustrating watching the kid play and completely refuse to listen to any suggestions, leading him to a very frustrating battle with a monster he was absolutely unequipped to fight. I figured I’d show him my way of playing (very badly, very slowly, but very thoughtfully and spending lots of time on collecting all possible upgrades and knowledge along the way). This has been very successful. He restarted the game from the beginning (twice) to play more strategically, and is no longer quite so frustrating to watch. However, I now also want to play, and did I mention I’m very very bad and slow? I’m not a gamer. I have no skills and little patience. I don’t really want to spend hours of my precious time on this game. But I sort of do, and kid really wants me to, because he’s just so thrilled to have another Zelda player around. Hm.
  2. Publish my last ever knitting pattern. Yeah, I did say that before, but it’s been hard to let go. I really am over it though. One last pattern is now in the final rounds of preparation, and it’s beautiful, but then I’m done. Unless I’m not.
  3. Become a quilter. Dammit. The kids have placed orders. My objection here is partly the same as the Zelda problem – too much time! too many other things to do with my time! – and partly the infuriating but unavoidable truth that it requires yet another stash. It bugs me on a fairly deep level that I have to buy many small pieces of fabric to do a craft that originates from frugally using up scraps. I really wanted to be able to dip into quilting with leftovers from dress making. But I’m realizing that the fabric I want to make clothes with is really not at all the fabric I need to make quilts with, and also, it would take me years to work through enough projects to have enough scraps for even one quilt.
    So instead I’m starting a third (fourth? maybe fifth) stash (yarn, dressmaking supplies, embroidery supplies, arguably bag making supplies, and now quilting) and, oh yes, apparently planning on devoting a large chunk of time to this new hobby, inevitably slowing down my progress on my older hobbies. Just as well I’m quitting design, I guess.
  4. Read more books. What? It could happen. Totally doesn’t conflict with any of the above. Totally not. I upped my reading last year, it works. Apart from how I can read while knitting, but not so much while sewing, OH WELL NEVER MIND.
  5. Do more exercise than last year. 2021 was pretty great for fitness habits! 2022 not so much. Surely I can turn this around.
  6. Be happy. Pretty confident about this one. I like my life. It is good. With or without an out of control crafting stash.

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