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Introducing Elfbaby… the hat!

Five years ago I conceived a hat for my beloved Elfbaby. It would – of course – be a pixie-style hat, with a long point. It would have a garter stitch chevron border, to show off handpainted yarn and to allow plenty of stretch for growing heads. I planned to publish a pattern. Claudia modelling the Pumuckl border,… Continue reading Introducing Elfbaby… the hat!

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Squirrelly goodness (in sock form)

Some time ago I bought two skeins of extremely wonderful handspun yarn from the talented Azzy. The first skein became deliciously cozy handwarmers for myself and Elfling; the second has just now achieved its destiny as finer, but equally cozy, socks for my very dear friend Cara. The yarn was called Red Squirrel, and you… Continue reading Squirrelly goodness (in sock form)

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Knitting! Apparently I do some!

Small digression:* Armin has recently started to express a preference for me not knitting. This is alarming. I've always been knitting, and he's always been fine with that. But apparently, that temporary loss of mojo during pregnancy/early mommyhood made him realise that he gets fractionally more of my attention when I am not holding needles.… Continue reading Knitting! Apparently I do some!


Sweet harmony

Anyone who loves handpainted yarns knows they can be rather difficult lovers. Beautiful, but temperamental and sometimes just plain unco-operative - especially in lacework. All those gorgeous colour shifts tend to obscure the stitch pattern, and that's without worrying about pooling! So, you have to pick your pattern with care. Simpler stitches are generally the… Continue reading Sweet harmony



Well whaddaya know. I did in fact finish the baby jacket before the baby came. Cute eh? We particularly like the three buttons at the top, rather than five all the way down. Yes, we do. That's a Design Feature. It's definitely not because I somehow forgot to do buttonhole number 4. Nuh uh. [*coff*]… Continue reading Surprise!