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Introducing Elfbaby… the hat!

Five years ago I conceived a hat for my beloved Elfbaby. It would – of course – be a pixie-style hat, with a long point. It would have a garter stitch chevron border, to show off handpainted yarn and to allow plenty of stretch for growing heads. I planned to publish a pattern. Claudia modelling the Pumuckl border,… Continue reading Introducing Elfbaby… the hat!

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5 Things, with fun stuff to do

1. I've always maintained that haberdashers and hardware shops are basically the same thing – stuff for making and fixing. I'm pleased to note that Swiss retailers are similarly inclined. Migros (supermarket) has sewing essentials in the DIY section, and Coop Bau & Hobby is like Homebase with added felting/beading/painting stuff. No actual haberdashery, it's… Continue reading 5 Things, with fun stuff to do