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Introducing Elfbaby… the hat!

Five years ago I conceived a hat for my beloved Elfbaby. It would – of course – be a pixie-style hat, with a long point. It would have a garter stitch chevron border, to show off handpainted yarn and to allow plenty of stretch for growing heads. I planned to publish a pattern. Claudia modelling the Pumuckl border,… Continue reading Introducing Elfbaby… the hat!

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5 Things, with fun stuff to do

1. I've always maintained that haberdashers and hardware shops are basically the same thing – stuff for making and fixing. I'm pleased to note that Swiss retailers are similarly inclined. Migros (supermarket) has sewing essentials in the DIY section, and Coop Bau & Hobby is like Homebase with added felting/beading/painting stuff. No actual haberdashery, it's… Continue reading 5 Things, with fun stuff to do

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Interruptibility, or “what exactly are you moms so busy doing?”

This. (Via the always exactly right Blue Milk.) You are busy being interrupted. You are busy responding. It’s not that you’re not doing anything, it’s that you aren’t getting anything done. And it’s hard. It’s really hard. Which is one reason the blog continues so neglected, incidentally. As it happens, WordPress saw fit to throw… Continue reading Interruptibility, or “what exactly are you moms so busy doing?”