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“Hell of handicrafts”? Really? I mean… really?

Oh, Alex. You've gone and gotten the knitters' backs up now. Again. So here we are, looking like a bunch of humourless harridans for taking offence at such a lighthearted piece; and fair enough, joke's a joke. It's a funny article. Really it is. I laughed, especially at your 10 rules. But it also made… Continue reading “Hell of handicrafts”? Really? I mean… really?


In focus

You know how there are knitting blogs whose appeal lies largely in their incredible photos? Crisp, textural close-ups, rich colours, general inviting awesomeness that makes you stare and stare at the screen... And you know how this has never been that sort of blog. Much to my disgust, it's been sort of the opposite. I… Continue reading In focus